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Pennsylvania Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Dealing with taxes is not easy. Aside from the fact that you have to lose some of your hard-earned money, you also need to ensure that you are paying the right tax amount at the correct appointed time. If you failed to do these and received a summons from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), our Pennsylvania tax fraud defense attorneys can help.

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Getting accused of falsifying tax returns or of not not filing them with the intent to evade your tax liabilities can lead to hefty fines and years of imprisonment if you are found guilty. Fortunately, there is still a way to avoid this with the help of an experienced tax fraud defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners.

We have been providing legal defense services for quite some time now, earning us extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of how Pennsylvania and federal tax laws work. Our experience enables us to aggressively and effectively represent you before the IRS, ensuring that your rights are exercised while presenting your case in the best possible way to reach a satisfactory resolution.

If you are accused of tax fraud, acquiring the service of a legal expert is vital. Without the knowledge of a professional, you might end up suffering more than necessary. To give yourself the best chance of clearing your record and avoiding the maximum penalty, get to work with our tax fraud defense attorneys as soon as possible.

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Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

As with any other criminal case, you shouldn’t think about dealing with a tax fraud case alone. Instead, you should choose an experienced Pennsylvania tax fraud defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners to represent and help you prepare for the investigation that will follow once you receive notice from the IRS.

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Tax fraud is technically a form of tax evasion done by falsifying information in your tax forms to intentionally deceive the authorities. Concealment of assets, underreporting income, falsifying deductions, not filing a yearly tax return, and making incorrect statements to investigators are some forms of tax fraud.

The penalties for tax fraud range from 20% to 75%, along with a possible $1,000 fine in addition to the cost of prosecution. In worst cases, you may even face a three-year prison sentence.

Defense Tax Partners offers our tax fraud defense services to help you avoid those consequences. Depending on the amount of money involved and the reasons for the discrepancies in your tax filings, we can determine what defense strategy will work best in your favor.

Common tax fraud defense strategies include lack of intent, entrapment, insufficient evidence, and insanity. If you want to explore all your available defense options, we are open to answer all your questions and guide you in every step of the investigation process.

Your Pennsylvania Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

For a compassionate, results-driven legal service, our tax fraud defense attorneys at Defense Tax Partners are hands-down among the best there are in Pennsylvania. With our knowledge and experience, we can see the most effective way to deal with your unique circumstances.

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If you choose to work with us, we will guide you on what legal actions are the most appropriate for your case. We will also give you comprehensive guidelines on the specific tax fraud situation you are facing, so you can make well-informed decisions that will benefit your case.

From organizing the required paperwork to structuring your defense to representing you in court, Defense Tax Partners will be there to properly handle every necessary legal step to clear your charge or at least minimize your penalties as much as possible.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

Pennsylvania Tax Fraud Defense Attorney defense tax partners logo 300x65The IRS can be pretty aggressive both in their collection and investigation methods. So if you have received a notice accusing you of tax fraud, working with an equally assertive Pennsylvania tax fraud defense attorney is the most reasonable thing to do.

Defense Tax Partners can provide the tax fraud defense service that you crucially need. Make one free phone call to our expert lawyers, and we can immediately start assessing your situation and proceed to discuss the best solutions available for your case. Rest assured, our tax fraud defense attorneys have all the training, licenses, knowledge, skills, and experiences to plan and execute a successful defense strategy. Ready to build your case for the most satisfactory resolution? Talk to our tax fraud defense attorneys now!

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