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Bellwood Tax Levy Attorney

If you’ve recently received an IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy, chances are you’re going to face a tough financial and legal situation.

tax settlement and tax levyIt’s understandable if you feel fear or panic, getting the urge to make uncertain decisions about your case. But in these situations, the best thing you can do is get the help of someone who knows what to do. You need a good Bellwood tax levy attorney and Defense Tax Partners has exactly that.

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified lawyers who specialize in tax law and are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible results out of their IRS tax levy situation. Rest assured that you will have the full force of our expertise, resources, and efforts to help you recover from a tax levy or stop it at its tracks altogether. For a Bellwood tax levy attorney who can make things work for you, call us today.

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What Is A Tax Levy?

When taxpayers fail to pay their tax debt for a long period of time, the IRS is legally allowed to take your personal property to cover your tax debt. Tax levies are typically severe results of mishandling of taxes and must be dealt with through careful decision-making and expert help.

If you’re currently facing issues with your tax, it is best to get professional help from a Bellwood tax levy attorney to avoid getting IRS complications like the following:

Bank Levies

Another way that the IRS can force you to pay your dues is through a bank levy. They will freeze your account for 21 days, making you unable to spend a penny from that account. If you’re not able to come to an agreement with the IRS, they will take the money from your bank as payment for your taxes.

Property Seizure

To pay for your debt, the IRS can legally seize property of yours, such as your house, car, or land. If you’re not able to settle your debt, the IRS will sell your property and use the funds to pay for the taxes owed.

Reduced Tax Refunds

The IRS can also hold or collect funds from your tax refunds, whether it’s from the IRS, the state, or even your municipality.

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment involves the IRS ordering your employer to regularly deduct a certain amount from your salary until you’re able to satisfy your debt.

florida tax attorneyTake note that business owners, independent contractors, or any individuals who don’t receive a regular paycheck for their income suffer a harsher wage garnishment penalty. Instead of a partial deduction to their source of income, the IRS may order a 100% garnishment of an individual’s earnings if they belong to this independent earner group.

The good news is that these IRS orders can be avoided through the help of an experienced Bellwood tax levy attorney from Defense Tax Partners. No matter what you’re facing, we are here to provide all our top-notch legal services to get the best results possible.

Preventing a Tax Levy

Typically, tax levies are the IRS’s last resort to severe tax debt cases. This only comes when the IRS has exhausted all means to get a taxpayer to settle their debt. Even after the levy has been ordered, there are still ways to settle the debt and not lose too much in the process.

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Of course, the best way to deal with an IRS debt is to pay quickly in full. This will guarantee that you won’t go through any tax levy orders. Complications happen only when people fail to comply with tax filing and payment laws. But, of course, being able to pay taxes properly is not always possible.

The typical solution for many tax levy cases is to settle on a payment plan with the IRS. This involves a deal of repayment according to your capability to pay, considering your regular income, expenses, and other relevant factors. This is where it is vital to have an experienced Bellwood tax levy attorney by your side who can prepare all your documents, represent you in front of the authorities, and negotiate on your behalf.

Another step in settling your debt and avoiding a levy is negotiating to pay less than your original debt amount as a forgiveness payment. We can help you appeal your case to the IRS if it turns out that this is the best and only solution for your case.

Professional Legal Representation

Rest assured that if you work with Defense Tax Partners, you will get the finest legal services that the industry can provide. We are a top-notch legal firm with attorneys who have been in the tax and financial field for many years, helping clients get their financial life back on track.

Here are some of the situations that we can help you with:

1. Tax Resolution
2. Offer in Compromise
3. Wage Garnishment Removal
4. Penalty Abatement
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Innocent Spouse
7. Audit Representation
8. Passport Reinstatement
9. Tax Preparation
10. Tax Lien Removal

You won’t regret working with us. We provide the same passion, sharpness, and effectiveness in all our cases, and we can’t wait to offer the same dedication to your tax levy case.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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To offer our clients the chance to decide if we are the right firm for them, we give free consultations with our top attorneys. During this process, we aim to show that we are fully capable of handling any type of tax case that you may have, as well as assess and fully understand your case so that we know what exactly you need.

You can trust that we will exhaust all our resources, expertise, and efforts to make sure you make the right decisions and fix your tax debt.

If you’re looking for a top-notch Bellwood tax levy attorney dedicated to your cause, Defense Tax Partners is all you need.

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